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  • Lockers – What can they be used for?

    The most common use for lockers are for secure storage of items within businesses and schools. They are ideal for providing a safe place for staff, customers, students and visitors to place their belongings where they may be required. However, there are many different ways and locations that lockers can be used to replace typical storage options. Industrial styles became popular in the late 2000’s and remains in style, for homes, offices and hotels. The aim of the industrial style is to achieve a warehouse feel, with large airy, open spaces. Some

  • 8 Tips For Creating The Perfect Changing Room [Infographic]

    Top 8 Tips for creating The Perfect Changing Room

    The Changing Room is often the space in a building that gets overlooked, even though it can be one of the most essential components to a business or facility. Especially with demand for gyms and fitness centres growing year after year. It’s understandable why changing and locker rooms get the least attention, as after all it’s not the changing rooms that bring in the revenue, they simply support the revenue generating areas of the business. Staff and patrons use changing rooms for many reasons during a work shift or visit to a

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