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How to store chemicals in the workplace

Posted on May 20th 2016 by Peter.
Updated on: February 8th 2018.

Everyday we use more hazardous chemicals than we’re fully aware of. We also may not store chemicals correctly. Unless you’re a scientist then that statement hopefully won’t apply, but for the majority of us it will.

How to store chemicals in the workplace

Most of us will use chemicals in our homes in the form of cleaning fluids, or in the workplace in the form of oils, glues, paints and cleaners as part of our job.

In general, the chemicals that we use day-to-day are not harmful. When stored and used correctly, and are easy to clear up if there is a spillage. But other chemicals we may encounter every day, especially at work, will require more care and the correct storage solution.

We know that a chemical has the potential to cause harm, either to people or the environment by it’s classification. This can be found on the label or packaging of the hazardous chemical. It’s main job is to explain what the hazards are and how to avoid them. In the workplace under COSHH, it’s the employers responsibility to make sure hazardous substances used are properly identified and stored in a lockable cupboard.

An initial UN programme rolled out in 2010 to standardise chemical warning labels was last updated on 1st June 2017. All chemicals (both in pure substances and mixtures) must now feature new chemical hazard labels. They should feature a pictogram inside a diamond shape with a white background and distinctive red border.

Here’s a guide the chemical hazard labels you can store in our COSHH cabinets:


Use the graphic below to find out which hazardous storage cabinet is right to store your chemicals: 

Safe chemical storage by classification

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