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Posted on November 14th 2023 by Eden Akalley.
Updated on: November 15th 2023.

What is a sack truck?

A Sack Truck is a low-cost versatile solution to moving heavy loads from different places in a variety of different environments. They ensure that the process of moving difficult, heavy and inconvenient loads is made simpler. Many sack barrows have numerous load capacities that can cater to different wants and needs for users. For example, they come as heavy duty sack barrows which usually have a load capacity of around 500kg. On the other hand, lightweight sack trucks are designed for handling and lifting more delicate objects that may be too much to carry without any assistance. At Workplace Products we have carefully put together an extensive range of sack trolleys. They meet different requirements in terms of handle type, load capacity, if the truck is foldable or not and type of wheels.

This blog ensures that any unanswered questions and queries are answered. Additionally, it is a great step by step guide into finding the perfect sack truck for you!

Sack Trucks at Workplace Products

Benefits of using a sack truck

An obvious benefit of using a sack truck is that they decrease huge stress on the operator’s body by carrying the heavy loads for them. This therefore makes the process of moving items from one destination to another much less challenging. However, it is important that when shopping for a sack truck, customers know that that is not the only advantage. There are plenty more helpful activities that the sack barrow ca be beneficial for:

3 important benefits to consider

  • Increased productivity: When using a sack trolley the process of moving items from one place to another is massively decreased. This will guarantee that the overall task will be done much quicker. Which therefore increases the output of work when it comes to the end of the day.
  • Safety in the workplace: It is vital that safety is one of the main considerations in a working environment for employees. As mentioned earlier, sack trucks reduce the amount of stress and damage on users. Heavy lifting should be avoided as much as possible day to day. However, it is proven that this isn’t always the case and employees do end up getting hurt and injured. Prevent this now and invest in an affordable solution, a sack truck!
  • Convenience and storage: Even though sack trucks can carry a huge load capacity, they are still a great solution if there is a lack of space in your workplace. Unlike trucks and trolleys that practically do the same job, sack trucks cover only a small area when being kept away. In addition, they do not weigh a lot. This therefore makes it easy for users to transport them by hand should they need too. This proves how convenient they are because they can easily be relied on if employees need a quick solution to transferring heavy-duty loads around.

How to use a sack truck

A Sack Truck is extremely easy to use and needs very little explanation. However, to ensure that customers have no questions left after reading this here is a quick explanation!

The majority of our sack trucks arrive in one container and are delivered made. Castor wheels may be the only thing that customers might have to simply attach. Instructions will be provided should this be the case. When the user has unboxed the sack cart, all that needs to be done is to place the load on the toe plate and simply transport the item to where it needs to be by gripping the handles firmly and tilting the truck towards yourself.

Sack Truck Key Features

Best seller components & key features to look out for

  • Load capacity is the most important feature to look out for when purchasing your sack trolley. This will determine what weight users can move and how much the sack barrow can hold. Our TUFF Heavy Duty Sack Truck 500kg is a perfect solution for handling heavy duty loads!
  • Wheel type is also something to look out for as this can result in a more long lasting sack truck. There are two types of pneumatic wheels to consider. Solid pneumatic wheels are made of rubber and therefore more suitable for outdoor areas due to their puncture-proof feature. On the other hand, Air pneumatic wheels are filled with air making them ideal for indoor smoother environments.
  • Toe Plates are also a major key feature to look out for, the larger the toe plate, the larger the load can be. Our TUFF Super Heavy Duty Sack Truck ensures carrying large loads is possible with the 250mm toe plate.
  • Moreover, handle type is an essential feature to look out for. Handles can either come as Looped, P-shaped, Folding or Dual handles. The most common and easily used handle type is a dual handle as this allows customers to have a firm grip on each separate handle. They also often come with grips and knuckle protectors to further protect users.
  • Finally, the material that customers choose is down to whether they need a heavy duty more robust sack truck or a lightweight sack cart. The most common materials that sack trolleys are manufactured from are Steel and Aluminium.

Recommended use

There are no right or wrong environments to use a sack truck in, however here are some recommended environments and industries that would benefit from investing in sack trucks:

  • Food and Drink Delivery
  • Courier Deliveries
  • Office environments
  • Mailrooms
  • Warehouses
  • Stockrooms
  • Grocery Delivery Services


  • “What items do you have in stock?” – We have had numerous questions regarding whether customers can receive their item Next Day. To solve our customer’s wants and needs we have now just brought in a new next-day sack truck! Click here to take you to the in stock super heavy duty sack truck now at a discounted price for a limited time only!
  • “How much can the sack trolley hold?” – This depends on which sack truck you are looking at. We have a huge variety of different load capacities all ranging from less than 100kg to 500kg. All of our sack trucks vary in load capacity which us stated in the title of the product.
  • “What items can be moved using a sack barrow?” – Sack trucks can transport a wide range of items including lighter loads such as papers, grocery shopping and domestic household items. On the other hand, they can carry heavier items such as small fridges, heavy pallets and cupboards.

TUFF Heavy Duty Sack Truck comparison

Sack Truck Comparison

Should you have any questions or queries regarding our Sack Trucks please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team and they can provide you with all the information you need.

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