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Posted on November 8th 2023 by Eden Akalley.

Make the most of our Clearance products section!

Over the past few months Workplace have been working hard to ensure we have a jam packed clearance products section for our customers. Featuring our best selling ranges, including handling & lifting and our shelving category – this clearance section can cater to all out customers wants and needs when it comes to needing items to fulfil your workplace needs. Our Handling and lifting range features a wide variety of lifting equipment. This is designed to aid in the transportation of heavy loads around an industry. We also have our shelving clearance section which we encourage customers to take advantage of. When it’s gone, its gone! The range features a variety of different shelving bundles that can kit out areas such as garages to warehouses.

Handling & Lifting

Carefully designed, our handling and lifting range is there to solve different handling activities around workplaces. In addition, all of our items will be with our customers within the next working day. So if you need your item as soon as possible – shop our in stock and ready to go clearance range! The best selling item in our clearance range will have to be our TUFF Heavy Duty Sack Truck. With steel plates to guard the castor wheels and germ guard technology paint, the sack truck is designed to last a very long time and be protected during heavy duty everyday tasks.


Much like the handling and lifting range, our shelving clearance section offers a variety of different products each being unique to size and load capacity. To ensure customers make the most out of their purchases with us, we have carefully crafted together a range of multi buy and bulk buy deals.

You might be asking yourself what is a bulk/multi buy deal? A multi buy deal is a way for customers to buy more than one unit of shelving in one order. In this case at a huge discounted price too! The multi-buy offers are designed to kit out larger environments. We recommend this for environments that are in need of storing different goods with different load capacities. What’s important to note is that the multi buy offers are all the same size dimensions and load capacities.

However, the bulk buy deal is slightly different to the multi-buy. Our bulk buy deal features in the TUFF Longspan Shelving which has a load capacity of 450kg. With this deal, customers can choose whether to purchase shelving with a one off price, or decide to buy 5 times that amount or 10 times that amount. This will give customers a larger discount per shelving bay, so if you require a large shelving order and ae after any discounts – you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Advantages of shopping Clearance products!

  • Free Next Day Delivery on all items
  • Limited stock available and when its gone, its gone!
  • Never seen before huge discounts across all clearance items
  • Shopping clearance items gives customers the opportunity to buy more with the same budget due to the huge price drops

Should you have any questions or queries regarding our clearance products please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team and they can provide you with all the information you need.

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