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  • How to raise funds for new School Lockers despite local budget cuts

    How to raise funds for School Lockers

    How to raise enough money to finally update your Changing Room with new School Lockers It is widely known that raising funding to upgrade your school lockers and sports facilities can be difficult. You have a plan but years of local authority cuts wont allow you to get it off the ground. So what do you do? Education Secretary Justine Greening announced on 28th February 2017 that Schools are set to receive £415 million to transform facilities. This will pay for facilities to support physical education, after-school activities and healthy eating. Good

  • Workbenches – the cornerstone of manufacturing

    Workbenches are the cornerstone of manufacturing

    Dear reader, This time I thought i’d write a quick blog about how proud we are of our business. I will touch on the current climate our industry finds itself in. As you read I would like to help you get to know our manufacturing process. While its true that we make more than just workbenches, I would like to keep this blog simple by focusing just on them. Sure i’ve blogged in the past about the features and benefits of all the workbenches we sell, but i’ve never really explained what

  • TUFF Workbenches – Breathe new life into your workshop

    Use these workbenches to make cost efficient workshops

    TUFF Workbenches – Breathe new life into your tired workshop. Buying workbenches for a new build or to update a workshop can be stressful. You have a need for new workbenches and storage for your workshop but you don’t have the time, you don’t have the energy and worst of all the term “highway robbery” springs to mind. Does that sound about right? This is how everyone thinks when pricing up a ‘refurb’ job. Unfortunately this is why your workshop is falling further and further behind the times. Guess what? I totally agree with you.

  • Industrial Workbench – The perfect all-rounder

    Industrial Workbench with Accessories

    Product spotlight: Industrial Workbench We absolutely love our Industrial Workbench and you will love it too. It is rare to find a product so configurable, so unique, yet so crucial to your business. Our customers spoke and we listened. Introducing our most popular workbench… If it is too dark add a light Avoid eye strain in situations where low light levels are unavoidable. The overhead light is also useful when you have complex machinery that often casts shadows and restricts clear views. Another use is to check the surface of items for imperfections,

  • Safety Barriers – Let us guide you in the right direction

    Safety Barriers - Types and Uses

    Time and again you get asked the same questions over and over again such as: ‘What is the correct safety barrier to separate pedestrians from vehicles’, ‘how can I buy a safety barrier that does the job but is within my budget?’ and ‘oh my god my fork lift truck driver has just knocked down my guest, can you HELP!?!’. If the last one is the case, suggest they call for an ambulance now. In this blog I would like to focus on you because you’re the buyer of Safety Barriers. You are the

  • Eradicate RSI for good: Adjustable Workbenches and other Ergonomic Products

    What is RSI? Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a general term given to the pain caused by overuse of muscles, nerves and tendons. If the initial symptoms are not dealt with in a timely manner it can lead to many debilitating conditions and in the worst cases permanent ones. Overview So your Employees have all the right tools for the job? They do? Ok lets assume they do. Despite these tools covering the mechanics of the job I bet your business still suffers from absences of crucial workers due to RSI (Repetitive

  • Pallet Racking Systems – ‘Our 10 Steps to an Efficient Warehouse’ Guide

    10 Step Guide - create The Perfect Pallet Racking Warehouse Storage Solution

    Efficient Warehouse Storage Solutions – ‘Our 10 Step Pallet Racking Guide’. VIDEO UPDATE (added 21st May 2015): Want to see what we can do? Here is a Pallet Racking Installation Time Lapse Video for you to check out: Do you like what we can do for your business? Then read on. Step 1 – Choosing the correct pallet size(s) Things to consider: How many pallets will you need to store? What size(s) of pallet best suits your stored products? Would CHEP Pallets be more suitable for you? CHEP Pallets Info Plastic pallets

  • Merry Christmas from Workplace Products!

    Thank You! We would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of our customers that have placed orders with us in 2015. We’ve put great effort and resource in to our eCommerce website this year. It’s seen great growth in online enquiries and orders, so thank you for visiting and using Workplace Products as your business products supplier. We’d also like to say a big thank you to those customers who took the time to leave us positive and constructive feedback via our Ekomi widget. It’s great to hear how

  • Nights closing in – Get your High Vis

    The festive season is here. We all love this time of year. The bad news is that with it comes some nasty weather that can be difficult to predict. Having said that its no surprise it’s already freezing again! At this time of year we see an influx of orders for high visibility products. This continues well into the New Year. Our growing customer database includes sectors such as construction and highway maintenance etc. Some of these products are high visibility jackets but we have a diversity of orders that include safety barriers with reflective

  • Anti Slip Matting ideal for Changing Room and Poolside safety

    Anti Slip Matting Ideal for Changing Rooms

    Your clientele and staff need to be safe in areas where slipping would be a common occurrence. Without doubt the aid of anti slip matting is a must. The areas include but are not limited to changing rooms, poolside areas and staff shower rooms. Anti slip matting is by no means a new concept. However, buying the correct matting for your specific needs makes all the difference. Below you will find a cross section of products from our Wet Area matting section to give you an overview of the most commonly used

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