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  • Project – Bespoke Workbenches for Systech Illinois

    In March 2018, Workplace Products supplied bespoke workbenches to Systech Illinois for their unique workspace. The Brief Gas analysis experts Systech Illinois developed plans to create a new unique workspace at their HQ in the UK. Their engineers require large and stable workbenches as part of their work flow and the standard sizes on offer in the market place just weren’t suitable. Systech MD Bryan Cummings and his team approached Workplace Products with their dilemma, and asked if we could help supply workbenches to their specific requirements. Systech Illinois are one of

  • Coin Operated Lockers

    Coin Operated Lockers

    This article is about the new £1 coin launched in March 2017. If you’re looking to buy Coin Operated Lockers, go here. What are the benefits of coin operated lockers? What can we do to prepare for the new £1 coin? It’s simple really… What are coin operated lockers? Simply put, they are a set of storage compartments that require a coin to lock them. Sick and tired of keys going missing from your lockers? They help get rid of this common issue for locker owners. Popular with gyms and leisure centres,

  • The Workplace Winter Snow & Ice Clearing Guide

    The Workplace Winter Snow and Ice Clearing Guide

    It’s that time of year again! We’ll find out our big winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves, and brace ourselves to go out in the cold, cold weather. Each year customers come back to us and stock up on rock salt / grit. It’s essential to keep those outside areas and pathways around your workplace ice free. In recent years we’ve seen the popularity of mechanical spreaders increase. These cost effective spreaders help distribute grit across larger areas such as car parks and long paths. This helps employees get back to their

  • Why Standing More at Work is Like ‘Running’ a 10k

    Why standing more is like running a 10k

    Do you know how many hours per day you spend sat down? Most of us will spend a considerable amount of time on our backsides during the course of a day either working at a desk or watching TV. A recent survey found that on average we spend 12 hours a day sitting. Add those 12 sedentary hours to the desirable 7 hours of nightly sleep; that’s around 19 hours of being fairly inactive. This is clearly bad for us but what can we do about it? Most of the time we are

  • The Definitive Lockers Buyer’s Guide

    Everyone knows what a locker is. We throw our gym bag in one, we hang our work clothes in one, we keep our mobile phone and keys in one, and the stereotypical geek in an 80’s high school movie gets hilariously locked in one. It’s basically a storage box with a door, but we make them so much more. Many business owners find lockers are convenient and cost effective storage units for employees and the public to use. With the many types of lockers and additional options available to navigate through, we

  • How to store chemicals in the workplace

    How to store chemicals in the workplace

    Everyday we use more hazardous chemicals than we’re fully aware of. We also may not store chemicals correctly. Unless you’re a scientist then that statement hopefully won’t apply, but for the majority of us it will. Most of us will use chemicals in our homes in the form of cleaning fluids, or in the workplace in the form of oils, glues, paints and cleaners as part of our job. In general, the chemicals that we use day-to-day are not harmful. When stored and used correctly, and are easy to clear up if

  • Most popular type of bicycle parking?

    Whether it’s cycling to work, road racing, mountain biking or BMX, cycling is as popular as ever. With more and more people cycling to work, we’re regularly getting asked which type of bike parking we recommend to businesses, and what is most popular. The humble bike rack Back in the day, bike racks were extremely basic and only offered a means of securing one wheel. This meant that if you were a bike thief and were handy with a spanner, you could detach the locked wheel from the rest of the bicycle

  • Best Value Lockers for Schools & Public Areas

    Non-combustible Probe steel lockers

    All of our Probe branded lockers have just gone to a whole new level of value for money. How? They are all now Fire Zero tested and certified. This means that every one of our Probe steel lockers are not able to burn; they’re non-combustible. But aren’t all steel lockers pretty much non-combustible? After all, they are manufactured from practically the same raw materials and the powder coating applied are all very similar. So what’s the difference? At the time of writing, only Probe steel products have been able to achieve the

  • Wheelie Bin Sizes and Specifications

    Wheelie Bin Sizes ans Specifications

    We’re regarded as one of the leading suppliers of wheelie bins and waste management systems in the UK. It’s because of this that we can bring you such a diverse range of wheelie bins, ready to cater to all your waste management needs. The range beings with smaller 50 Litre Wheelie Bins, perfect for home use, and goes all the way up to 4 wheeled 1100 Litre Wheelie Bins, great for commercial environments. To allow us to give you the best service possible, we stock our 2 wheeled wheelie bins in our

  • The Definitive Sack Truck Buyers Guide

    The Definitive Sack Truck Buyers Guide

    Where would we be today if it wasn’t for the trusty, old reliable sack truck? Probably complaining of aching backs and legs from carrying that [insert your item here] across the warehouse. Or worse! As we all know: Sack Trucks are not just exclusively for sacks and are standard pieces of kit in the workplace. They are commonplace in stores and schools, shops and sheds – basically anywhere that requires items or products to be moved around, where doing it manually would breach the company’s health and safety policy. We boast a

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