Work & Scaffold Towers

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Work and Scaffold Towers are essential for working safely at height with the freedom of a large work area.

Our range of scaffold towers are designed to ensure that you can always achieve the perfect working height for the task at hand. They are ideal for large jobs that last for extended periods of time. For this the work tower might need to be left in place for repetitive use over time.

Their large platforms mean that you can easily move from end to end and cover more ground whilst working. This will help you avoid moving your equipment as regularly as you might need to when using an extension ladder. The majority of our work towers are also mobile. This means they can be moved whilst fully constructed. This is made easy with the attached castors which allow you to roll it to a new location and secure it there.

Safety when working at height

Safety is an important factor when working at height and especially when using something as tall as a scaffold tower. Selecting the right scaffolding for the job requires careful consideration to ensure the safety of employees. Anyone using a scaffold tower should be properly trained and made aware of any potential dangers. Regular inspections should be carried out to ensure the scaffolding is in working order.

Buying high quality Work Towers is one way to ensure that they are fit for purpose. For example, our Werner Mobile Access Towers are certified to British Standard EN1004. If you see the EN1004 certification it means a product has been load tested and is fit for industrial and domestic use.

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